Puj Pad Arm Rest Navy Honeycomb with Suction Cups

by Puj

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Easy, comfy Pad Arm Rest and Kneeler are the perfect compliment to your bathtime routines. Lay the Arm Rest and Kneeler down before bath time and give your hard working knees and elbows a rest. Printed in a complimentary herringbone design, the Pad Arm Rest and Kneeler will stylishly fit in your bathroom. Easy hang loop can be used with the Puj Nub for simple drying in between each use.



  • Soft neoprene cover with stylish Herringbone design.
  • Embroidered Puj logo.
  • Plush cushion is easy on mom + dad's knees and elbows.

Safety Precaution:

    Never leave child unattended while in the bath or around water.


Puj Brand All Products At Puj (pronounced: pudge) we design products for parents. Our purpose is to make your life easier by simplifying parenthood. As parents, we know how rewarding parenting can be. We also know how challenging it can be. If we can eliminate some of the hassle from your life and give you a little more time to be with your baby our efforts have been successful. Everything we do is to help you enjoy the special experience of parenting while it lasts.

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