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Charlie who?

Charlie Crane

Charlie Crane is fairly new to the world of baby furniture. The brand's ambition is to make furniture not only practical and comfortable, but also beautiful. Charlie Crane designs furniture that can proudly be exhibited in any home. Charlie Crane takes a publisher approach to design. The brand works with designers, especially the new generation of French designers who carry both the tradition of technical excellence and the openness to many foreign influences e.g. Scandinavian design from the 1950s and 1960s. The first Charlie Crane products (the LEVO rocker and the NOGA changing table) were created by two designers, trained at the Boule School: Erick Demeyer and Steven Leprizé. Charlie Crane is always open to collaborating with talented designers. The brand has many up-and-coming collaborations with other equally talented designers such as Gaspard Tiné-Berès and Tristan Kopp, from Re-Do studio. In regards to materials, Charlie Crane favours naturalness, in particular, curved wood, which allows you to carve complex shapes and give objects roundness as well as softness, which is perfect for those with children. This technique also offers the advantage of being much more accurate than the assembly of pieces of wood; Charlie Crane can deliver parts of excellent quality, at an affordable cost!


The LEVO is an essential object from birth to 7 months. The LEVO is a bouncer/rocker that integrates perfectly into your home. Its multi-beech wood design looks nothing like baby furniture; it will complement any home whilst providing baby with the utmost comfort. The LEVO's natural swing adapts to the movements of the baby.


Are you looking for the perfect high chair for your beautiful and evolutive baby? Yes or no, Charlie Crane has designed it! The TIBU is French industrial inspired, it is clean and unique. It is also available in 3 colours: Gentle White, Aruba Blue and Bright Red. The TIBU offers no less than 10 different seat configurations, allowing you to use it from 6 months (with the baby set, tablet or belt) up to 8 years old and over. A pair of back and seat cushions is offered as an option (this is recommended for babies from 6 to 18 months old).


The NOGA is a beautiful changing table that opens in the blink of an eye and clings to the wall to save space! When the NOGA is closed, its rounded and trapezoidal design leaves no one indifferent; it is truly a beautiful sight. Once opened, the NOGA offers all the necessary comfort and allows you to store or grab baby care without taking your eyes off of baby!


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