Nomi by Evomove Highchair from Birth to Teenager.

Nomi was developed from an ambition to create the world's best highchair for children, both in design and function. The Nomi highchair is seamlessly adjustable without tools and will evolve with your child's changing needs. The soft, organic contours are pleasing to the eye and invite the child to stay active and mobile in many different sitting positions.

All you will need is one chair, that's it!

Nomi High Chair Scandinavian Design Baby to Teenager

Ready to grow - all in one highchair.

Nomi highchair is the core of the Nomi concept. It will fit your child from newborn and into the teenage years. You can combine your Nomi highchair with add-ons to customise it for your growing child - right from your baby's first day. Children like to move, even when they sit. The Nomi highchair therefore has built-in wheels to allow your child the freedom to settle at the table and move away when ready. In addition, the Nomi doubles up as a step stool and adult seat!

The Nomi concept is one chair - in three stages.

Your child's motor skills are constantly evolving - and the results are greater competences, needs and independence. Nomi provides support for every stage of your child's development - from newborn to teenager.

Stage 1 Nomi Baby from 0 to 6 months - include your baby around the family table.

Nomi Baby is designed to provide your baby with a soft and cosy spot at the centre of the family. The raised height is ideal for "talking", playing, feeding and keeping good eye contact with your baby. Your new-born baby can be part of the family at the dining table due to its height. Nomi Baby is easy to move around the house, wherever you need an extra hand - and it is seamlessly adjusted between almost horizontal and more upright positions to match the changing needs of your baby. It is nicely bouncy while your baby's head remains stable. Nomi Baby's design and soft mattress create the cosiest nest for your new baby. When your baby has grown a little stronger, you can begin to use a more upright position. This will give even better eye contact at the family table - and if your little one decides to suddenly take a nap, the chair is easily returned to an almost horizontal position. Please note that several short periods in Nomi Baby are better for your baby than one extended period. Nomi Baby is perfect for your newborn baby until approximately 6 months. It is secured directly onto the wooden stem and later replaced by the seat, back support and footrest, when your child is ready to sit upright.

Nomi Baby Recliner Table Height

Stage 2 Nomi Mini from 6 to 24 months.

When your child is around 6-9 months old and your baby is ready to sit upright, the time has come to sit unassisted. At this point, your baby is probably able to roll over and begin crawling. The Nomi Mini child restraint is easily fastened on the seat and back - and simply removed when your child no longer needs the extra support and climbs in and out of the chair without help. Nomi Mini will provide support and freedom to move - the best foundation for developing your child's motoric skills. Nomi Highchair Toddler Harness

Nomi High Chair Mini Toddler Harness

Stage 3 Nomi High Chair from 2 years - your child moves on.

When your child makes attempts to climb up and down from the chair, it's time to remove the restraint. Watch your child in the chair, and offer a little help getting up and down. After a while, your child will be able to use Nomi high chair without your help. Nomi high chair is designed to stimulate movement and provide safe support in many different positions. Movement strengthens your child's motor skills and learning capacity - and prevents passive sitting habits in the future.

Nomi Family High Chair Baby to Adult

For children and others who won't sit still.

Nomi was developed for children but also provides a comfortable, light chair for adults who like to stay active. Nomi can follow your child beyond childhood - for instance as a flexible desk chair.

The parent-friendly high chair

Nomi is also good news for parents. The light highchair weighs less than 5 kg, making it easy to move around the house. Or to hang on a table edge while cleaning. The small rubber knobs underneath the seat prevent it from scratching the table. And finally, Nomi is quick and easy to clean using a damp cloth.

Nomi Choices - Customise your very own Nomi

The Nomi chair can be fully customised to your taste. Choose from 7 modern colours, then pick from 4 different options for your wooden stem base. The Nomi also has 3 seat cushion designs to match your chair. The soft cushions are reversible with separate patterns on each side. In addition, you can choose to add the Nomi Baby infant recliner with 3 mattress options, dinner tray or optional harness to your Nomi high chair.

Nomi Stem - The Backbone of Your Nomi

The wooden high chair stem provides strength, durability and flexibility. Its unique shape ensures that the sitting height and the seat depth are always perfectly matched. The stem is made from FSC-certified steam-bent veneer providing maximum strength and flexibility. When you adjust the height of the seat and footrest, the depth is automatically aligned thanks to the unique shape of the stem. The stem is available in different types of wood and colours. The difference is purely visual as durability and performance is the same with all options.
Basic wooden stem:
A core of steam-bent beech veneer covered with oak veneer. Treated with white oil or black varnish.
Premium wooden stem:
Steam-bent oak veneer or steam-bent walnut veneer. Both are treated with natural oil.

Designed by Peter Opsvik

Peter Opsvik has designed Nomi - and numerous other classic chairs such as the iconic Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair that are currently used in offices, living rooms and kindergartens around the world. During the past decade, he has received several Nordic and international design awards for his sitting solutions for children and adults. More than anyone, this Norwegian designer has reflected upon the way humans sit. So that the human body becomes the core of good design and we can better unite our sitting lifestyle with our active bodies. Adults need chairs that move in order to inspire movement and different sitting positions. Children on the other hand, need stable chairs. Peter Opsvik compares children with rubber balls - a rubber ball bounces better from a firm foundation. Nomi is the result of more than 40 years of work with children's chairs. Peter Opsvik has designed Nomi from the philosophy that children need a stable platform from which to move - a platform that inspires many different positions, so the child will sit actively it actively with free mobility - thus encouraging the child's development.

Award winning highchair

Nomi highchair by Evomove has been winning year on year awards for its innovative design, functionality, durability and safety.

2019: Product Safety Award. Awarded by the EU Commission and the European consumer board association ANEC as the only highchair in EU.
2018: Stiftung Warentest “Testwinner” – best highchair in Germany
2018: Austrian consumer board “Testwinner” – best highchair in Austria
2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019: “Testwinner” - best highchair 5 years in a row by the largest circulated childrens magazine in Scandinavia “Vores Børn”
2016: Danish Consumer board: “Testwinner” – best highchair in Denmark.mother & baby gold award nomiprogressive preschool awards nomi nomi junior design awards red dot design award


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