Phillup Hangable Kids Cups 4 Pack Monochromatic Colours

by Puj

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Hangable Cups

Tired Of Dirty Cup Pile-Ups? So Were We!

We were tired of the dirty cups that accumulated throughout the day with little ones. As designers, we knew we could do better. That's why we created PhillUp.

PhillUp is a simple, beautiful and highly functional kid cup that hangs up on your fridge. Now kids and friends can help themselves. Together we can strip away the clutter and focus on what matters most... our families!

Doubles as a Rinse + Play cup!

Cups that look good and make rinsing fun!

Does your child hate to have their hair rinsed for shampoo time? This might help to distract your child - with fun and color! Chances are, even if you give your child the fanciest bath toys, they'll end up having the most fun with a simple cup as they watch water pour out of the cup in fascination.

Rinse and Play is a simple, beautiful and highly functional kid cup that can hang up with the nub on the wall of the bathtub. Together we can strip away the clutter and focus on what matters most... our families!



  • Set of 4 – Perfect for transitioning from bottles or sippy cups to regular cups! These cups hold up to 8 fl oz and are easy to hold.
  • Great for kids – This set includes 4 cups and 4 grippy Nubs in matching colors with 3M adhesive to stick to glass, metal, or tile.
  • Functional – Great for a drinking cup, toothbrush holder, bath toy, or art supply holder - Endless uses!
  • Safe & enviro-friendly – Made from Silicone and Food-Safe Polypropylene. BPA & PVA Free; Cups are reusable to help reduce waste.
  • Easy to clean & store – Cups are dishwasher-safe (top rack only) for your convenience; The PhillUp design has a flexible hang loop to hook onto with the grippy Nubs to create an organized space in any room.

Care Instructions:

    Wash thoroughly before first use. Dishwasher safe - top rack only or wash in warm water using mild liquid soap. Rinse thoroughly with clear water. Do not use sharp objects or bottle brush to clean.

Safety Precaution:

    Always use this product with adult supervision. To avoid possible injury do not allow child to walk or run with cup. Before each use, inspect the product. Discard if damaged or broken. Do not microwave. Packaging materials are not toys. Do not let children play with them. The hook is not a pacifier. Do not allow child to play with it or suck on it. Dishwasher safe (top rack only).


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