Wally Wallmounted Changing Table Dusty Grey

by Leander

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Create a cozy changing station for you and your child. Leander Wally the wall mounted changing table is a contemporary, space-saving design that makes life with a baby a little easier. The wall mounted changing table is inspired by a droplet. Light and levitating. While holding your baby in your arms, you unfold the wall mounted changing table and place your child on the mat. The changing mat is made from a soft material which imitates the natural feeling of skin. The surface adjusts to the heat in the room making it warm and comfortable against your little one’s skin. This makes your child calm and ready for a cosy diaper change.

Leander Wally meets the need for flexibility in a contemporary home. Its design doesn’t take up much space in the interior and to save space, the tabletop can be closed against the wall when not in use. Not only is the changing table suited for installation in the nursery, it can also be used in bathroom making it a great solution for anyone who wish for a discrete, functional and safe changing station.

The changing table also includes three movable organizers keeping your changing area neat and organized.



  • Space saving and easy handling with one hand.
  • One wall mounted changing table for all your children.
  • Raised sides for added safety.
  • Alcohol resistant.
  • Easy to clean: Water-resistant.
  • No unhealthy endocrine disruptors.
  • Classic and functional design.
  • Light and aesthetics expression.
  • Soft and warm like skin.


  • Dimension: H78 * W56 * L17 cm.
  • Material: moulded pur foam, abs plastic.
  • Product weight: 9 kg.
  • Approvals: european standard for child safety and dangerous substances.
  • Surface: water-resistant.
  • Carrying capacity: 25 kg (recommended maximum carrying capacity).
  • Warranty: 2 years.
  • Included: 3 organizers.
  • Maintenance: clean with a textile cloth with a little water and mild soap and disinfect with a textile cloth with 70% alcohol.


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Telling the story of Leander never bores us. It all started in 1998. Stig Leander, who served his apprenticeship as blacksmith, had for some time worked on developing a dining chair with replaceable seat and back. While his work progressed, his sister-in-law became pregnant with twins. And with the pregnancy, an idea came to life.

Has anyone developed a cradle or cot that sooths and stimulates a child’s development? Stig kept asking himself that question over and over again. In fact, he thought about it so much that he eventually decided to find the answer himself. By using cardboard, glue and thread, slowly an idea started to emerge. The same goes for the history of Leander. A company was born.


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