Lollo 18 Unicorn Cardboard Stool Pink

by HopHopik

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The cardboard stool Lollo, on which you sit astride, is folded from cardboard. By using cardboard as the base material, the stool is very light and robust. Children can carry it with one hand and understand it as their stool from an early age. Nevertheless, the cardboard stool also carries adults without any problems.

The splayed leg position is good for healthy hip development. The rounded seat shell supports an upright sitting position and, thanks to its low height, encourages dynamic sitting.



  • For children from the age of three.
  • Height approx. 1 - 1.5 m.
  • Seat height: 18 cm.
  • Without wool felt pad.


HopHopik Brand All Products HopHopik - for your child. Ergonomic, elegant and robust children's stool. HopHopik goal is to offer a selection of ergonomic, elegant and durable stools at affordable prices. HopHopik manufacture the furniture in Germany from maple, walnut or, at Lollo, from cardboard and wool felt.

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