Tips for creating a small children’s bedroom or nursery

Tips for creating a small children’s bedroom or nursery

Small space doesn’t need to mean a boring and cluttered bedroom! With a few smart pieces you can create a functional, contemporary and playful kids’ bedroom which their owners will love.

Read our tips for the most stylish, design-conscious and sustainable solutions that will stand the test of time and bring out the full potential of a tiny room.

1. Did someone say ‘loft beds’?

Loft beds are all-time favourites of space-savvy parents, and kids simply love them. With more functions than just a bed, some of the smarter pieces offer storage drawers or even desks. When not needed, they can be simply hidden under (or inside) the bed.

AVA Loft Bed - available in white or natural. Six drawers provide generous storage, while the desk neatly tucks in when not needed.

Lumo Kids Ketara Loft Bed - available in toddler or single bed versions. The toddler version also easily converts into a single bed, growing together with your child.


Trundle beds

Trundle beds are excellent for sleepovers or holding plenty of storage in the trundle. Mathy by Bols’ Star Treehouse Bed is a beautiful example of a wow-factor bed with some very practical storage solutions: the shelves can be used for favourite books and toys, and the trundle provides spacious concealed storage.

Bunk beds

Bunk beds are siblings’ favourite and real space savers. AVA’s bunk bed offers a trundle for extra storage, while IO Bunk bed has lots of smart solutions for maximising compact space. You can also separate the two beds if the children eventually move to separate rooms.

Mathy by Bols Dominique triple bunk bed

AVA bunk bed - available in black, white or natural, toddler or single. The trundle is ideal for sleepovers or extra storage.

IO Kids bunk bed - it's multi-functional and can be configured into a bunk bed, two separate single beds, a top bed and desk area beneath as well as a bed and desk separately in order to suit your family's evolving needs. The side shelving allows for special treasures to always be close by.


2. Invest in good-quality convertible pieces

A solid dresser that doubles as a changing table or a cot that grows with your baby are smart purchases that will stand the test of time and make the most of compact space. Invest in high-quality, well designed pieces of furniture to design a timeless, modern room that will be loved for years to come.

Childhome Retro Rio dresser with changing table 


Charlie Crane Muka Extendible Wooden Cot Bed - this ingenious piece will grow with your child, up to 6 years old!


3. Smart storage - incorporate storage into the design

Plenty of storage is what you really need in a small bedroom, so every piece should double up as a storage solution for your child’s toys, books, clothes and treasures.

Sieni Stool by Lumo Kids is fun and very modern, while offering generous concealed storage under the hood.

Mathy by Bols Tree Bookshelf is a standout piece that will create a real talking point while offering plenty of space for children’s books, toys and favourite items.

Esthex Dutch House storage bag will create a nice cityscape and hold lots of toys or socks.

IO doodle box is an ingenious piece that combines movable storage with an arts and crafts unit in a beautiful, modern form.


4. Hidden solutions

This new Charlie Crane changing table is a real space saving hit: it’s smart and stylish, provides shelves for all your changing equipment, and folds neatly away when not in use.

Charlie Crane Noga Changing Table has developed this contemporary yet practical baby changing unit that not only provides shelves for all your changing equipment but also folds neatly away when not in use. The unit securely attaches to the wall giving a great space saving opportunity.


5. Don’t forget the fun: modern decor

Modern decor shouldn’t clutter. Decorate your children’s bedroom vertically: hang gorgeous mobiles or decorate the walls with fun stickers.

Flensted Mobiles are our customers’ all-time favourites, adorning contemporary homes with their unique designs, from colourful balloons and soaring birds to more abstract pieces.

Janod’s magnetic glow-in-the-dark stickers will turn your child’s bedroom into a space station, while Speckled Friends’ cute animals will keep your little one company.

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