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ALL IN ONE Nomi High Chair and Baby Recliner Grey
Nomi High chair is the core of the Nomi concept. It will fit your child from newborn and into the teenage years. You can combine your Nomi High chair Grey with add-ons to customise it for your growing child - right from your baby's first day. The Nomi, in addition, doubles up as a step stool and grown up seat.

The Nomi concept is one chair - in three stages.

Stage 1
Nomi Baby - at the centre of the family.
Nomi Baby is designed to provide your baby with a soft and cosy spot at the centre of the family. The raised height is ideal for "talking", playing, feeding and keeping good eye contact with your baby. Your new-born baby can be part of the family at the dining table due to its height.

Nomi Baby is easy to move around the house, wherever you need an extra hand - and it is seamlessly adjusted between almost horizontal and more upright positions to match the changing needs of your baby. It is nicely bouncy while your baby's head remains stable. Nomi Baby's design and soft mattress create the cosiest nest for your new baby.

When your baby has grown a little stronger, you can begin to use a more upright position. This will give even better eye contact at the family table - and if your little one decides to suddenly take a nap, the chair is easily returned to an almost horizontal position. Please note that several short periods in Nomi Baby are better for your baby than one extended period.

Nomi Baby is perfect for your newborn baby until approximately 6 months. It is secured directly onto the wooden stem and later replaced by the seat, back support and footrest, when your child is ready to sit upright.

Stage 2
Nomi Mini child restraint for children between approx. 6 - 24 months. It is easily fastened on the seat and back - and simply removed when your child no longer needs the extra support and climbs in and out of the chair without help.

Stage 3
Nomi high chair which is suitable from the age of 2 and can even seat adults!

Nomi Choices
The Nomi chair can be fully customised to your taste. Choose from 7 colours, 4 different wood options and 3 reversible cushion colours. The soft cushions are reversible with separate patterns on each side. In addition, you can choose to add the infant recliner or optional chair harness to your Nomi high chair.

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Why Nomi

Nomi Grey - from newborn to teenager

  • With its add-ons, Nomi High chair becomes a chair for life.
  • Nomi Baby recliner provides the perfect spot for your baby to take part in family life.
  • Nomi Baby adjusts to lie flat position.
  • Nomi Mini restraint provides security for your toddler when sitting at the table.
  • Seamless adjustment of seat and footrest with no tools required.
  • Chair easily hangs on table edge for easy floor cleaning
  • Shape and structure of the seat and footrest prevent your child from sliding forwards and provide a good foothold.
  • Foot knob provides an extra level of support and offers fidgety feet a place to rest.
  • Chair backrest provides optimal back and arm support.
  • Light and open design make it easy for your child to climb in and out of the chair.
  • Back wheels allow your child to adjust themselves close to the table.
  • The soft, organic contours prevent knocks.
  • Wheels minimise the risk of tilting.
  • Light structure (5 kg) makes it easy to move the chair around the house.
  • Smooth surface lines are easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • Sustainable and recyclable materials are free from harmful substances.
  • Choose from 7 colours, 4 different wooden stem options and 3 reversible sided seat cushion patterns.

Included in the package:

  • Nomi beech core basic stem (choose white oak walnut or black).
  • Nomi Mini leg restraint.
  • Nomi plastic coloured base, footrest, seat and backrest.


  • Junior Design Awards Gold Winner
  • Mother & Baby Awards Gold Winner Best Highchair
  • Progressive Preschool Awards Winner
  • Red Dot Design Award - Best of the Best
  • Loved by Parents - Gold Winner Best Innovative Idea
  • Loved by Parents - Bronze Winner Best High chair or Seat

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Designed by Peter Opsvik

Peter Opsvik has designed Nomi - and numerous other classic chairs such as the iconic Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair that are currently used in offices, living rooms and kindergartens around the world. During the past decade, he has received several Nordic and international design awards for his sitting solutions for children and adults. More than anyone, this Norwegian designer has reflected upon the way humans sit. So that the human body becomes the core of good design and we can better unite our sitting lifestyle with our active bodies.

Adults need chairs that move in order to inspire movement and different sitting positions. Children on the other hand, need stable chairs. Peter Opsvik compares children with rubber balls - a rubber ball bounces better from a firm foundation.

Nomi is the result of more than 40 years of work with children's chairs. Peter Opsvik has designed Nomi from the philosophy that children need a stable platform from which to move - a platform that inspires many different positions, so the child will sit actively and varied.

Designed by Peter Opsvik


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