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by Moodelli

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The baby grows up fast. The cot does too.

The human body is made for moving and having its living space. The baby needs all the possible emotional support, so he constantly expresses himself. The extendible cot Moodelli BabyBox has been designed to meet these baby's emotions. Move it, adapt your living space as your baby grows, let him be with you, love him at any time and be part of his lifestyle.

There are different stages of growth.

The Moodelli BabyBox is an unprecedented universal concept, adaptable to the size of each stage of your child during the early years. An evolutionary solution that reinvents the traditional cot with a contemporary design inspired by the baby's growth from birth to three years old. This way it allows to unify all the necessary products of this stage is just one unit, optimising its full functionality. Its versatility allows it to be moved from one environment to another one, so the baby is always close to its parents.

The product evolution culminates in the toy box, perfect for helping the child to put toys in order.

First Stage: 0-3 months

Moodelli BabyBox Mini-cot

The small size of the cot (length 68 cm), in the first stage position and its five castors, make a very versatile product that can be moved around and easily pass through doorways. This ensures your baby is always close to you.

Second Stage: 3-12 months

Moodelli BabyBox Extendible cot

The extendible cot (length 97.6 cm) comes lacquered in a semi-matt white colour which combines easily with your home interiors.

Third Stage: 12-24 months

Moodelli BabyBox Extendible cot bed

At this stage of the cot (length 116.8 cm), the toddler is adapting himself to sleep in bigger spaces and to prepare to sleep in a regular toddler bed.

Moodelli BabyBox Toy storage box

The toy storage box will bring your children the perception of tidiness in their playrooms after having used the cot to sleep in during the baby stage, which will remain as a fond memory to the tender stage in your child's life.

The cot is easily adjustable from one stage to another by turning a simple screw. The mattress base is also height adjustable in three positions for baby's security. The mattress base is extendible and it moves itself, at the same time that the stage position is changed. The cot is available with five castor wheels, four of them with locking system, to move it around home safely. The castors are made of polyurethane soft rubber, suitable for hard and carpeted surfaces. They do not scratch or damage floor surfaces. BabyBox is very versatile, the changing tray can be also fitted easily and safely on top of the cot.

Mattress. Breathing Comfort.

A baby'spends 16 hours a day sleeping. While the baby is dreaming, he takes its vital functions of learning and memory which are very important during the first year of life. The modular mattresses can be adjusted by adding pieces while the cot is extended.

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  • Revolutionary design makes the products durable from birth through toddler years.
  • Can be moved smoothly on its five scratch free castor wheels.
  • Easily adjusts from one stage to the other with built ion knobs.
  • Mattress base adjusts to three different heights.
  • Four lockable castor wheels.
  • BabyBox material: MDF.
  • Mattress material: breathable core polyurethane.
  • Sheet fabric: 100% cotton.
  • Warranty: 3 years.


  • First Stage: 0-3 months mini-cot: l 68.8 * w 65.0 * h 79.2 cm.
  • Second Stage: 3-12 months extendible cot: l 97.6 w 65 h 79.2 cm.
  • Third Stage: 12-24 months extendible cot bed: l 116.8 w 65 h 79.2 cm.
  • Toy storage box: l 68.8 w 65.0 h 79.2 cm.

Included with BabyBox:

  • Three stage BabyBox cot bed.
  • Three stage adjustable mattress.
  • Mattress topper for extra comfort.
  • Three stage sheet set (colour range: water green, coral, pearl grey).
  • Three year warranty.


Moodelli is a brand that develops products to provide comfort and safety for the child from newborn and all subsequent stages of its growth. Moodelli offers products with a unique and timeless style, ideal for urban spaces combined with new decorating trends. The combination of intelligent solutions, evolutionary and functional concepts, ergonomics and simplicity, are the values of our brand. For Moodelli, it is very important that the baby grows and develops safely, comfortably and respectful of the environment. The products are designed with the main aim of the interaction, connection, emotion, play and child development with his family. We believe that the experience of forming a family is a very important step and that's why we offer parents unique products to facilitate the rest and care needed for a perfect family connection. About the founders: "We are two architects who, after the birth of our own children, created the cot BabyBox. We wanted a cot to row with them and to become a special and unique piece". In 2004 the product was awarded with the Best New product at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York. "We believe in products that endure in time beyond ideas. The knowhow and design, quality, safety and environmentally friendly values still continue in the current philosophy of Moodelli".


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