Classic Baby Cot Bed Mattress Comfort

by Leander

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The Comfort mattress is adjusted to the Leander Classic™ baby cot. The mattress has an excellent sleeping comfort thanks to a mattress core of pressure-relieving cold foam. Vertical air channels ensure enhanced air circulation. Comfort is a comfortable, 2-sided, twist mattress adjusted to baby and toddler. The mattress cover has built-in wetness protection.

Sleep safety mattress is with a covers with integrated wetness protection against moisture penetration, and prevent moisture from penetrating into the mattress core.
The natural TENCEL™ fibers prevent sweating and ensures a dry sleeping climate. The cover can be washed at 60 degrees.

The Mattress is tested in accordance to EN 16890 safety standard.



    • Recommended use 0-7 years.
    • Ensures optimal sleeping comfort thanks to the mattress core of pressure-relieving cold foam
    • Suitable for children with allergies.
    • Comfortable, 2-sided, cold foam, twist mattress adjusted to baby and toddler.
    • Double air circulation thanks to vertical and horizontal air channels.
    • Mattress cover with integrated wetness protection.
    • Zipper is hidden, so the child has difficulty opening the mattress cover.
    • Flame retardant materials i.a.w. EN 71-2.


    • Dimension: H9 * W66 * L116 cm.
    • Material: pressure-relieving cold foam / SleepSafety Upholstery: 62% polyester / 38% lyocell (TENCEL™).
    • Product weight: 3 kg.
    • Warranty: 2 years.
    • Maintenance: wipe with a slightly damp cloth and let air dry. Cover can not be washed.


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    Telling the story of Leander never bores us. It all started in 1998. Stig Leander, who served his apprenticeship as blacksmith, had for some time worked on developing a dining chair with replaceable seat and back. While his work progressed, his sister-in-law became pregnant with twins. And with the pregnancy, an idea came to life.

    Has anyone developed a cradle or cot that sooths and stimulates a child’s development? Stig kept asking himself that question over and over again. In fact, he thought about it so much that he eventually decided to find the answer himself. By using cardboard, glue and thread, slowly an idea started to emerge. The same goes for the history of Leander. A company was born.

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