New Little Reader Chair Light Green With White Piping

by P'kolino

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The better toddler chair - guaranteed!

Now with an easy to remove cover that is machine washable! Comfy foam, supple fabric, arm rests and book pockets plus a wide contoured seat and ergonomic arms for maximum comfort. For children 2+ years.



  • Age: 2 - 6 years.
  • Material: micro-fibre and high density foam.
  • Dimensions: 45.8 * 45.8 * 40.6 cm.
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs (1.2 kg).
  • Stability. Thanks to the wide-base, angular construction and premium materials the little reader does not topple over like many lower quality foam chairs.
  • Bounces not bruises! Because foam chairs have no hard frames or corners, occasional stumbles into the chair result in bounces not bruises.
  • 100% comfort! 100% high density foam has the perfect balance of softness and support (like a premium mattress). No lumpy stuffing, no uncomfortable wood frames or springs. Just 100% comfort.
  • Built to last. Furniture grade (not t-shirt grade) cover is made from premium micro-suede. The cover has reinforced seems for added durability. And�with no wooden frames, feet or springs there is nothing to break.
  • Portability. it is feathery light and has a handle so your little one can tote this chair to their favourite spot. Quiet time, to story time, to movie time and back again!
  • Ergonomically perfected. Just the right size to give the proper support for little ones, with wider contoured seat and arm rests.
  • Bonus features. Handle for carrying and large side, easy-access pocket for books and other favourites.
  • Easy maintenance: machine washable cover.
  • Style: contemporary styling in playful colour combinations.
  • Value: pound-for-pound and cost-to-quality, this may be the best chair you ever own.


P'kolino products meet or exceed US, EU, and canadian safety standards. Independently tested for durability, toxicity, mechanical safety, regulatory standards, use and abuse and age grading.

Please note the following safety recommendations
1) Make sure you buy the appropriate product for your child's age or stage of development.
2) Read the instructions and user manual before using any of our products.
3) Don't leave children unattended.
4) Keep your P'kolino product in good condition.

P'kolino products meet or exceed all safety standards including but not limited to: ASTM F963 / ASTM F963-07 mechanical hazards, 16 CFR 1303 lead content, 16 CFR 1500 mechanical hazards 16 CFR 1500.44 flammability (solids), ASTM F963 soluble heavy metals content, phthalate content-confirmation, phthalate content-screening, client's furniture overload and stability test, client's furniture overload test, packaging and labelling evaluation, performance evaluation, CA116, CA117, CPSIA certification standards and age grading.


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