IO Bunk Pod Natural

by IO Kids Design

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The IO Bunk Pod is a one-of-a-kind bunk bed that stands out for its unique design and aesthetic. Featuring simple and uncluttered lines it combines a beautiful aesthetic with complete functionality. Its gentle soft curves and exposed plywood edges give the bunk bed a friendly and comforting appeal. The innovative design of the Pod embodies a sense of fun and provides a hint for the unexpected. The bed is multi-functional and can be configured into a bunk bed, two separate single beds, a top bed and desk area beneath as well as a bed and desk separately in order to suit your family's evolving needs. The side shelving allows for special treasures to always be close by. Its ability to transform is a delight to children and parents alike, giving the piece longevity, while the engineering behind the concept enables ease of assembly and conversion.

The small footprint of the Pod helps utilise space efficiently especially in compact living situations. Due to its openness on all sides it offers great flexbility in terms of where to position it within a space while taking full advantage of natural light.

Children can use the pod from an early toddler age (lower bunk or single bed) through to their teen years and beyond giving the pod the "ability" to grow with the child.

It is important that the pod appeals to both kids and parents alike so that they may engage and enjoy the product for a long time. The sizing and features of the Pod are designed to enable easy access for parents providing ample height space in the lower bunk without compromising its overall size. Parents can thus join and interact with their children in comfort when reading bedtime stories and have books, notepads and toys at hand on the shelves nearby. In addition, when split into individual units, adults can also comfortably sleep since the beds accommodate standard full size mattresses.

Our Pod is produced with sustainable thinking applied to its design and combines a simple playful aesthetic with total functionality. It is made from Scandinavian birch plywood, chosen for its strength, warmth and durability. The IO Bunk Pod has been consciously made and tested by FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) meeting all relevant safety regulations.

We like to believe that just as each child is unique, we can give personality to the objects we create and our IO Bunk Pod is a true reflection of this belief. With the IO Bunk Pod, our goal is to enable children to not just see their bunk bed for its obvious function but rather for them to imagine its possibilities.



  • Space saving, convertible furniture.
  • Built in storage shelves.
  • Includes top and lower bunk which convert into two standalone beds.
  • Optional conversion kit allows for a bunk and desk configuration or standalone desk and bed.
  • Mattress size (not included) 90 * 190 cm.
  • Material: laminated Scandinavian birch plywood with exposed edges (this is for white and yellow only)
  • Material: natural birch plywood in water based white pigmented lacquer exposing the natural look of the wood. (this is for natural only)
  • All finishes are non-toxic and free of VOC health hazards.
  • Dimensions: 94 * 230 * 155 cm.

Ships in 8-10 weeks.


IO Kids Design All ProductsIO Kids Design strives to create inspiring and bold designs that spark a child's excitement and innate curiosity. The ethos of IO Kids is that design should combine style with versatility and longevity while embracing a real sense of fun that appeals to children and adults alike. We want children not just to see an object for its obvious function, but also to imagine its possibilities. Just as each child is unique, we hope to give personality to the objects we create.

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